CD Advent Calendar Update (and a Facebook Album, too!)

Remember that advent calendar I made? Remember how I commissioned some friends and family to help fill my empty CD cases with some creative notes?

WOW. They really stepped up to the challenge. The notes I’ve received so far have made me laugh uncontrollably, tear up, groan, and even yell “HEY ROOMMATES COME HERE ISN’T THIS JUST THE BEST?”

I decided to post an album with each of the notes as I open them.  I was going to call this a “FACEBOOK FOLLOWER EXCLUSIVE!!!”  but thinking about it, that would make me even more ridiculously self-promotional than I already am (…no shame. none.).  Still, if you want to see the notes as they emerge from their CD cases, definitely give the Shaunanagins Facebook page a “Like.”*


Yep. Creativity at its finest!

P.S. With regards to a couple reader requests: I do have a couple CD cases that are note-less as of yet!  Feel free to send me some holiday cheer (or anything you want, really) in folded-up form.  Just message me through the “Contact” page for more info.

*Your “Like” also helps me quantitatively judge my virtual self worth. Which is totally healthy.

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