Linking Up (Pt. 1)

Greetings, beautiful readers!

I have so much that I could write about today.  I could write the next “4 Things I Can’t Live Without,” which is essentially ready to go.  I could write about the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where I have been offered a volunteer opportunity (how humbling and incredible is that?).

It is also of note that the inauguration is tomorrow, and DC is going crazy.  When I first heard the Smithsonian’s “Super Sonic Inaugural Weekend” playlist, I immediately confronted my colleague who put the it together: “What the what? This has me feeling patriotic.  As in, ‘Merica-style patriotic.”


“…but I’m not even American.”

This playlist is amazing, though for me it continues to be slightly confusing and awkward.  While I’m here confessing to ‘Mericanisms, someone tell my dear friend Elisa she was right: I have started saying “y’all” on a regular basis.  IN MY DEFENSE, sometimes I hum “O Canada” to myself at work.  The guy who sits next to me, who’s from Minnesota, has been known to join in.  ‘Sup, diplomacy?

I could write about that, too.

But it’s not time for that.  It will be time for that, of course–as I start spending more time in this city, at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, or with the Smithsonian, stories will come. I’m pretty sure they’ll be incredible stories, too. But they will not be the only stories.

The life of a blogger is full of discovery and reading and ideas.  And I don’t just mean mine.  I think it’s important that we share each others’ work, laughter, and brainwaves.  It is my pleasure to link you up to some of the many great pieces I’ve discovered in the past few weeks. Feel free to share any of your own discoveries/work–I want to be a community, and as a reader, you are always a part of that.  So grab a cup of tea, turn the music on nice and low, and give this a read:

Next On Oprah: Gary Bettman by Scott Feschuk

A Love Letter to Digital History by Megan Heesaker

In Which I Offer a Christian Response to ‘Idle No More’ by Sarah Bessey

The New Underclass: Why a generation of well-educated, ambitious, smart young Canadians has no future by Chris Sorensen and Charlie Gillis

The Silent Period by Bryoneyh (via Postage Stamp Required)

Self-Aware Leftovers: The forgotten victims of divorce by Ned Hickson

“January 18th, 1969: Nixon inaugural ball held at this museum. A naughty chicken attended.” via National Museum of American History

On Suicide via Gukira

Brave Moms Raise Brave Kids by Jen Hatmaker

A Hypothetical Response by Judi Zienchuk (a reader response to Jealousy has a stage name. It’s called Inspiration.)

My own most-read post:

Dear America: Sorry About the first impression. You’re actually kinda cute.

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(Or just occasionally remember that this blog exists and skim through the last two pages. Whatever works.)

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