The Taboo Tab

Hey all!

I want to take this opportunity to announce a new section coming to the shaunanagins[dot]com: “The Taboo Tab.”

Dun dun dun.

Launching February 22nd, the Taboo Tab will be a growing resource for stories and ideas on things WE REALLY DON’T TALK ABOUT and WE REALLY NEED TO TALK ABOUT.  I have a great and growing team of writers rearing up to address “Death/Grieving,” the first topic the Taboo Tab will take on.

February 22nd. Be there.  We’re going to have a REAL conversation about Death/Grieving (because it really needs to happen, that’s why).

In the meantime, be sure to follow the blog any way you fancy (email, Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress) for updates. For more information on the Taboo Tab, including how to contribute or how to stay informed, drop me a line through the Contact Page.

Much love!

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