Dear Women On My Facebook Feed

For International Women’s Day, I want to let you know that I see you.

We all know how social media works. An exciting trip will always, always get a thumbs up. An engagement ring? Oh man, that will break records. And so we share those things, because that’s what people want to see.

But that’s not all you are. And when you share more of who you are, I don’t always say something.

So I’m saying something now.

I love the art you create. I am SO jazzed about the plays you are in, the drawings you make, the music you play, the poetry you write. I can’t believe you find the time and dedication in this busy life to create.

Sometimes, I feel guilty that I can’t come to your show so I don’t tell you how much I admire your creativity. Thank you for making the world a more colourful, culturally rich place.

I love your mind. When you post an article with a thoughtful comment, I am grateful for your perspective. When you share what you are learning, reading, and working on, I immediately want to learn more about it myself.

Sometimes, I feel like I don’t know enough to comment on the things you share so I don’t let you know how much I appreciate your ideas.

I love your hustle. I love seeing simple glimpses of how you get through those busy days. I admire the unique combination of JOBS SCHOOL RELATIONSHIPS DREAMS that you have created, that you own, that you are always working to make better.

Sometimes, your hustle makes me self-conscious about my hustle so I don’t cheer you on like I should.

I love the posts you write. I love reading your stories and understanding your worldview. I love your perspective and appreciate your vulnerability in sharing even the simplest inner thoughts. I love the ones I see myself in, and I love the ones that show me a new perspective.

Sometimes, I get so lost reading that I forget to tell you how much I enjoy your words.

I love what you share. Not everyone is a creator, but when you take the time to curate the things which you find important, entertaining, or enlightening, it makes my life fuller. So much of the content you share makes me laugh, learn, and think.

Sometimes, I get so caught up showing the video or article you posted to the people around me that I never tell you how much I appreciated you sharing it.

Most of all, I love the amazing things you show me when we hang out offline. 

When you start talking about something you are passionate about and your eyes light up.

When you are strong in the face of challenges. I admire how you approach barriers, personal and professional, with focus and poise because nevertheless, she persisted.

The little things you do that make your house a home, things you probably don’t even realize you are doing.

The creations you don’t show the world – that photo you took hanging on the living room wall, the wonderfully researched paper collecting dust on the shelf, the incredible meals that you concoct “for fun,” the work you have done to become a better person.

But you don’t get a “like” for the hundreds of little things you do to make the world a better place. In fact, chances are you barely share those things (because a lady shouldn’t go around bragging, dontchaknow).

Please, my friends, keep bragging. Tell me how you make the world better. Show me your awesome style, tell me when your show is, start conversations. Keep challenging me to be better, stronger, and more compassionate.

I see you. And I thank you.

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