What is this site, exactly?

I think life is funny. I also think it’s pretty important and sacred, too. Between the two, digging deeper is usually a good call.

The way I dig deeper is usually through writing and wordplay. I ask a lot of questions, tell a lot of stories, and I have a lot of ideas. People read them, and they respond. It’s a pretty great system, actually.

That’s what this blog is all about.

So, thank you for reading. It’s really cool of you to stop by.


Connect with Shaunanagins!

Street Cred

This is the part where I try to legitimize myself as an artist. Brace yourself.

Outside of this blog, I write reviews and articles for The Scene Magazine, Thought Catalog, and HerCampus. I also write semi-witty emails to my mother. And I write songs that my upstairs neighbor hears through his floor.

The Taboo Tab, which began on this blog, landed in a finalist spot for the 2013 Canadian student Community Achievement Awards in Media. This means very little to you, except that it might be worth checking out? Maybe? The stories are pretty great.

Also, Faces Magazine named me one of the top bloggers in Ottawa. This made me feel important, which probably annoyed my roommates for a week or so.

Contact Me:

If you have feedback or ideas for Shaunanagins, if you want to contribute to the “Taboo Tab,” or if you just want to share a really good knock knock joke (do those exist?) give me a shout here!

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