The Taboo Tab

A community of writers and readers bravely putting faces and stories to subjects society seems to skip over.

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Latest Installment: Body Image

By popular request! Parents, pressure, mirrors, muscles, and “how to f**k a fat girl.”  Five storytellers tell us how they overcame the trials of feeling good in their skin.

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First installment: Death and Grieving

We don’t talk about death and grieving much, do we?

Spoiler alert #1: Everyone dies, eventually. And most leave loved ones behind when they do. 

Spoiler alert #2: Sometimes, things happen that we can’t explain, control, or “move on” from on command.  Sometimes, the worst happens. Sometimes, it’s not okay right now. We need to be allowed to share that.

People die. People grieve. People break down at inopportune times. But as they struggle their way back up, some people share their stories. These are some of those people.

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Second installment: Sex, Lies, and Storytime

We know there is complexity and diversity in the challenging area of sexuality. We know that there are stories about judgement, outlooks, and experiences. Slut. Prude. Abstinence. Rape. Conversation. Diversity. And we aren’t always good at addressing those things honestly.

As Alex Crane writes in “The Zombie Effect“:

I live and work in a world where sex seems to be both capitalized and whispered at the same time. “Look out, the SEX is coming!” (pun? maybe.)

These twelve writers are moving the conversation into the real world.

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Third installment: This is My Reality: Financial Futures & Fears

The fact is, we’re people. Just people. We’re individuals with options and futures. Yet somehow, when we talk about finances, we get stuck in a cycle of calling each other spoiled brats and charity cases.

We need to be truly willing to discuss the reality of these situations.  Because honestly? At this point, we can’t afford the alternative.


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