Sex, Lies, and Storytime







An Obligation to Divulge
An Obligation to Divulge
The Zombie Effect
The Zombie Effect.






I Am Not Broken.
I Am Not Broken
I am Jane Done
I am Jane Doe...







The Pain.
The Pain
I Didn't Say No.
I Didn’t Say No.






Being a Minister's Son.
Being a Minister’s Son
The Abstinent Man
The Abstinent Man






Confessions of an Empowered Submissive.
Confessions of an Empowered Submissive
The Myth of Fabglitter
The Myth of Fabglitter..
Contributors: Alex Crane, Alicia Bridget, Alexandria (Ali) Prescott, B., Caitlin Corbett, Lucy Bee, Mark Corbett, Kate Booner, Michelle K., Rosie, and Sam McManus

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